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1: Sleep Mask for the beauty sleep… 

2: Earphones are needed when travelling.

3: A magazine for entertainment

4: I always bring my computer with me whenever I’m travelling- A laptop with ample memory loaded up with downloaded movies or TV shows will always be a must for me!

5: I will never get rid of my addiction to candy, especially not when it comes to watching a movie.. 

6: Feeling comfortable on an airplane is probably the most important thing for me when I’m travelling- nothing feels better for me than wearing a pair of cashmere trousers- definitely my best tip for going through a long flight, to wear something comfortable.

7: To avoid the issues of getting dry and cracked lips, I always bring my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, which is the best nourishing lip balm ever made- I’ve  actually been using this product ever since I was a little girl:-)

8+9 for the Flyaway Hair: I’ve always had a problem with static electricity in my hair on the plane, so when travelling I alwayss bring my Tiny Hairbrush from Bodyshop with me in my handbag as well as some hair elastics for the ponytail 😉

10: For the neck & the beauty sleep

11: For a fresh breath (if you don’t brush your teeth in the airplane)

12: Coloring books for the focus and the anti-stress

13: While waiting for the airline-food 


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