Stay sponsored by Ystad Saltsjöbad

As I mentioned before I got the opportunity to stay at the most beautiful hotel in Sweden, Ystad Saltsjöbad, and the opportunity to take a guest with me. My mother's birthday was coming up and I had yet to find the perfect gift for her, so the timing could not have been better. Even though this stay was sponsored, I do have to say that it is definitely a place I would have booked either way. Last year my boyfriend and I had booked a spa-weekend, which unfortunately got canceled, so my mother and I were very excited.
We drove from home at about 8 am yesterday, which meant that we had arrived at the hotel at around 10 am. As you can see on the photo, we got a few refreshments when we arrived, as our room was yet to be ready.
This gem of a hotel offered peaceful surroundings with the most amazing ambiance, such a joy.
Unfortunately I wasn't hungry enough to fully enjoy the breakfast at Ystad, but it was SO delicious, I could have easily spent five trips refilling my plate. I like to balance out my meals, so even though waffles might not be the most healthy thing, I try to supply it with some fresh fruit of the season along with some greek yoghurt rich on proteins.
Jumpsuit/ Heartmade

As the room couldn't get more amazing, we discovered that we had a terrace facing out to the beautiful pool area.

My beautiful mother was extremely happy with her gift, as you can see we made sure to fully explore the amazing venues at Ystad.
The people at Ystad Saltsjöbad were so generous that my mother and I could enjoy a suite doing our stay, and I completely feel in love with the cosiness of the bedroom.
After a "hard" day of relaxation, spa treatments and a little workout this amazing vegan meal replenished all of the spent energy. It is really hard to boil down my favourite meals into one group of foods, as I can enjoy both the meat & potato kind of meals and also the healthier, less carb-based meals.All in all I am really happy with how our stay turned out, I can definitely recommend this hotel to everyone looking for a mother-daughter or a couples-trip.Thanks Ystad Saltsjöbad

Kisses, Anna 

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